Tezpur: City of Eternal Love and Romance

Lying by the side of the northern bank of the vast Brahmaputra River, Tezpur City is one of the few destinations which suits best for those who wills to unfold the unknown heritage sites during their calm vacations. Often referred as the city of eternal love, Tezpur has abundance of noble blue hills, flourishing green valleys, submerged tea gardens and the snow covered peaks of the Himalayan Mountains surrounding it in all the directions.

Defining the city of blood in the regional language, this city finds its reference in the Mahabharata, where Lord Sri Krishna comes to the rescue of his grandson Prince Anirudha from the imprisonment of King Baana and help him getting together with Usha (Daughter of King Baana). It is believed that an intense clash took place between Lord Sri Krishna and King Baana in which there were blood spilt all over the city and hence the name of City of Blood and also the City of Eternal Love. Having considerable potential in the fields of climate, culture, nature and tea, this city offers the tourists a memory to take pride in.

Having one of the important and strategically affective base for the Indian Air Force and the Indian Army, Tezpur holds an important role for India’s functioning. Connected well by all means of transport with the other places of interest of the state of Assam as well as with the rest of the country, the city has become a leading light of interest in the present times. With many reputed educational institutes being set up and coming up in the future, this city is soon turning out into an education hub of the state.

The Tezpur University is figured among the top 5 universities of India in 2016, beating Delhi University, Banaras Hindu University and BITS – Pilani. The university campus is at Napaam about 15 km east from Tezpur, the headquarters of the Sonitpur district of Assam. Napaam is an urban area surrounded by people of diverse caste, religion and language. The Napaam campus on 1.06 sq. kilometer of land. The campus is bounded by pucca walls. Napaam is linked by a PWD road from the NH 37A at almost the midpoint between Bhomoraguri bridge and Misson Chariali. Tezpur is linked by road and rail with the rest of the state and the country. There is a flight between Kolkata and Tezpur twice in a week.

Famous Places in Tezpur to Visit:

1. Agnigarh-

It is a hillock located in Tezpur, Assam, India. In the Hindu mythology, it is the site of the citadel which was built by Banasura to keep his daughter Usha in isolation. Famous for the citadel surrounded by rings of fire built by King Baana to isolate his daughter Usha from Prince Anirudha. It is from the fort that was built and surrounded with fire, the hillock got the name of Agnigarh meaning the residence among fire. Constructed along the bank of the Brahmaputra River, to reach this fort you need to cover a circular march staircases which makes this place somewhat interesting.

2. Cole Park or Chitralekha Udyan-

Deporting a drawing campus of greenery and means of recreation for the tourists, this park is located in the heart of the city. Adding weight to the historical and mythological significance of the city, the park has a co-occurance of terrain, lakes and hillock where rowing and paddle boats are being conducted. An open air auditorium is also present where banquet and other activities of merriment are being organized from time to time. Primary viewing attractions for children is a jet-fighter model Valiant MIG 21 the first supersonic aircraft for the Indian Air Force capable of travelling at Mach 2 and a large concrete-made map of India. There is a water feature in the form of a lake where small rowing and paddle boats are allowed.

3. Trimurti Udyan-

This park is named after the three noted cultural personalities of Assam – Kalaguru Bishnu Prashad Rabha, Rupkonwar Jyoti Prasad Agarwala and Natasurjya Pani Sarmah, the park is an important centre of leisure.

4. Bishnu Rabha Smriti Udyan-

Located near Sonitpur/District Court, this park is the Samadhi spot of Kalaguru Bishnu Prashad Rabha. Constructed by his son Hemraj Rabha as a tribute to the contributions of his father, this memorial park is filled with the devotees of this great personality who come here to pay recognition to one of the fighting souls for the independent Indian nation. You can see writing of the works of Bishnu Prashad Rabha in the walls of this park.

5. Mahabhairab Temple-

Housing one of the oldest and biggest shiva linga in the world, the Mahabhairab Temple is a century old temple attracting many Shivbhakts and the most famous tourist spot in the Sonitpur District. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and built by King Banasura. The Shiva linga of this temple is said to be made of ‘Living Stone’ which grows over slowly by the years. Some people believe that Bana attained prosperity by worshipping Lord Shiva in this temple.